Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


In order to prepare potential and productive resources in industry, academia, as well as in government sector, in the undergraduate programs of the department of CSE, an excellent environment of teaching, learning, and research in computing and IT has been maintained from the initial stage of the department. The faculty members are highly enrich in diversified fields and are involved in updated research work. To provide quality, cutting-edge educational experiences, the department aims to provide students with strong conceptual foundations, and also expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing. The department’s other vision includes providing state-of-the-art computer education and training to all students at SFMU CSE to bring them to the level of knowledge and ability. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering maintains well-equipped laboratories for undergraduate research work. To pursue creative research and new innovations in Computer Science and Engineering, across disciplines in order to serve the needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community by expanding and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field. Already three batches have graduated from this department. At present, more than 100 students are studying in four batches in the department.

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