Department of Political Science

Political Science Department

SFMU BSS (Honours) in Political Science OVERVIEW: 

The journey of the Department of Political Science was initially started from 2010 with a number of students and faculty members and now this department is one of the most leading departments at Sheikh Fazilatunnesa University (SFMU). Now it is a matter of pride for that we have many students from Jamalpur, Sherpur, Tangail, Netrokona, and this number of students is increasing day by day.

The department offers a four-year Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS). In terms of job opportunities, it is possibly one of the most versatile degrees. Both undergraduates and graduate students can find jobs in a variety of fields such as BCS cadre, government jobs, NGOs, consulting, business, journalism, law, advocacy, international affairs, and, of course, research for those with a strong interest in academia. Receiving a degree in Political Science discipline often includes learning highly marketable quantitative and qualitative skills related to data analysis and statistics.

In order to make assure that the all-academic curriculums and programmers be updated enough to address concerning the recent national and international issues, the department has a high profile Curriculum and Development Committee. They are fully committed to assist each student whatever they need for building themselves for their career objective. Alongside the regular studious functions, the faculties are widely engaged with research works on different areas of national and international politics, socio-political development of Bangladesh, NGOs and development, Ethnicity and conflict resolution, Environmental issues and so on to guarantee the excellence of education.